Databases - Firebird's SQL Dialects

One of the first decisions you need to make is
Which SQL Dialect should I use?

Firebird FAQ - How do the SQL dialects differ? really does not cover the problems I've had using Firebird 1.0. Apparently, the problems were actually with the Interbase 5 & 6 tools - they don't know about different dialects.

According to A Beginner's Guide to Firebird Generators, when inserting 1000 rows per second, a 64-bit generator would take around 300 million years (!) before it rolls over ... but a 32-bit generator would roll over after about 25 DAYS (!!!) .

Of course, at once a minute, a 32-bit generator rolls over in about 4,000 years.


Delphi 5 can read Firebird Dialect 3 data if the following is set. Otherwise IBTable1 produces (paraphrased) This appears to be because my tables have mixed case names and Dialect 1 converts them to upper case names.

With Dialect 3, IBQuery1 works with queries of the type

(notice the double quotes around the table name)

Interbase Tools

According to the provided "API Guide", Interbase 5 DSQL does support different Dialects (some commands have a Dialect paramater). This probably explains how Delphi 5 can access Dialect 3 databases.


is not supported.

Since Interbase 5 Windows ISQL does not have a menu option to set the Dialect, and because it does not allow double quotes in queries, it can not be used to access data in any tables with mixed case names.

Interbase 6 IBConsole does support Dialect 3.

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