Visual Basic

In general, Visual Basic 6.0 is simple to learn and use. Its interpreting debugger is great ... you can actually change code while it is running and it works as expected. (Uh, actually, it also hangs a lot. Be sure to save before using!)

However, there are 2 major drawbacks.

As a result of the lost time and pain caused by these 2 defects alone, I recomend not using VB 6.0 for anything more complex than simply learning to program. (Of course, I'm not allowed to practice what I preach since my company won't let me use anything else !(

Help and Examples (Especially, the Lack of it)
Installation (Requires installation of IE 4.72)
Converting VB 3 apps to VB 6 (Lots of work here)
Distribution (Usually 3 floppies, 2 min, too complex for simple programs)
Library Source Code - A number of routines that I use


Other than MSComm32.ocx, it is not clear what MS VB6 Pro provides that the standard edition is missing. According to the .bas help, ActiveX Documents, ActiveX Designers, and User Controls are also included. Also Database Access is missing in the standard edition.

Loading VB 6.0 loads IE 4.7, there is no choice. Some VB 6.0 programs that you write require that you distribute IE 4.7, otherwise, your programs won't work. (BTW, IE 4.7 works pretty good - but IE 4.40.308 was worthless. It should never be used. Ever.)

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