Global Warming - The Facts

Chicken Little says - "The sky is falling" - or, in this case - "Humans are destroying the planet"

In fact, there is not enough evidence to support that conclusion. Believe it or not, most of the evidence shows that the planet is actually cooling ... not warming.

As a result, "human generated Global Warming" is more of a religious belief than science.

This site provides a lot of generally available data that is totally ignored by the reports in the general press, including "scientific" presentations on TV. Political speeches on this topic (by either side) should always be ignored because they appeal to the emotional side of the argument and seldom contain ANY data. (Of course, obvious lies in a speech reflect directly on the person giving the speech.)

There is actually one piece of data that appears to be correct The rest of the material supporting human caused Global Warming is fairly worthless.

Even the predictions of doom and gloom can be replaced with predictions of a better place to live.

Sometimes, a scientific report is found to contain errors. However, I question any site that simply deletes web pages with those errors. Instead, there should be a support page that explains As a result, when any site that argues against Global Warming simply disappears from the internet, I try to link to the original data. This is particularly true of US government data that was published before Global Warming became the "Religion du jour".

I mean, what is more suspicious than deleting data that might prove you wrong.

If "human generated Global Warming" was a stock,

Basically, the temperature of the Earth does change, but if you think that humans are the cause, take another look at the data.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
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