Delphi - Component Directory Structure

When developing components, I find the following directory structure to be useful. Basically, I prefer separate directories for For components that are placed via the toolbars, I provide a special directory, and a written list of test cases, to verify that everything works. Since these testcases are executed many times, and because these testcases require creating many test forms, it is useful to keep these in a separate directory. This greatly simplifies deleting all the files for old versions. To keep different versions separate, just create additional directories .. as needed.

For components that are not provided via the toolbars, there is no reason to test them in a separate directory.

The generic components that I plan to use in multiple projects are created under Each component (or function library) is in a separate subdirectory branded with a 2-letter prefix. (My scientific components are in a separate area.) Under that directory, I use the following. The web help and the component help are not the same. Typically, the footer is different - one has contact information and the other doesn't - and the audience is different. (Most components do not have web help.) Writing good help files is sometimes as involved as writing the component.

I keep the help images in separate directories - adding additional subdirectories as appropriate. Because of how the help is partitioned, this requires a minimum of 4 directories.

In some cases, each of the main directories - help, testcases, and the like - will have its own backup directory.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// / Languages / Delphi / ComponentDirectoryStructure.html