GIMP Basics

The GIMP is a free image editing tool. However, since nothing is obvious, it is a real pain to learn.

There are also a few design errors.

Basic Hints | Simple Icon Example

Basic Hints

In GIMP 8.6, the Eye Dropper tool in the Change Color DialogBox is broken - it always returns black. According to the old GIMP 2.8 color dialogbox help

Simple Icon Example

I was trying to create an icon. To start, I selected I entered Screen Capture and it created an 818x162 image. Since icons are square, I wanted to move the second word under the first. In most of the other programs I use, this is simple - just enter text mode and add a return. Well ... I never figured out how to do that. Apparently, because the text was modified to look pretty when the logo was created, basic text editing is now disabled. I tried to create the logo with a return between the words - I eventually gave up and used the procedure described below.

The solution turned out to be simple

However, I found that after writing the following.

Original work around

As an alternative, I decided to simply select the text and drag it to the new location. Well, that was a lot harder than expected. This is what finally worked.

It appears that Windows XP only uses the 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48 icons. Other systems use larger ones.

Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// / SystemTools / GIMP_Basics.html