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YouTube (currently owned by Google) provides free hosting of video. In addition, this documents a few items that are fairly hard to find in the help. In several cases, one help page disagrees with the information in another page.

Creating an account | Hiding Your Age | Long Videos | Watch page channel icon | Linking to your channel

Creating an account

Each account is associated with one, and only one, email address. In addition, you may have only one account per email address.

YouTube suggests that business account should not be associated with either

If either of these is used, and you leave the company (or get a promotion), then your replacement will not be able to access the account. Instead, you should create an email address specifically for managing the company's YouTube account. Perhaps something like By the way, this advice also applies to clubs and other organizations.

In your account's Profile Settings, there is an option to change the associated email address.

Once you have an account, then you need a Channel Name. This must be unique and, once selected, can not be changed. There is an option (link) to test various names before you have to pick one.

Hiding Your Age

When creating an account, YouTube wants to know your age (entered as the date you were born). I always just make something up. However, there are a couple of gotchas (Hint: don't use the date your company was founded if it was not more than 13 years ago.)

YouTube says

Well .. neither of these options is available on the associated page. Instead you can hide your age via (This only took about half an hour to find once I saw the option in the help file while reading about something else. The "logical" button is Settings .. but you must click Edit instead.)

As for gender, on another help page YouTube says

Like I said, their help is severely lacking.

Long Videos

By default, YouTube allows users to upload videos shorter than 15 minutes. (Notice that only the length matters, not the number of bytes.) If you want to upload longer videos, then you must verify the account with a cellphone capable of receiving text messages.

Pretty simple .. except for a very big, undocumented, gotcha!

Any given cellphone can only be used to verify 2 (that's right, only two) accounts.

Needless to say, I discovered this the hard way - my 2 allowed accounts were used for a work account and a test account. Then when I wanted my own account .. well, I said that this was an undocumented constraint.

Watch page channel icon

If you elect to become a brand channel partner (which means that at least some of your videos will show ads), then you are allowed to provide an image that displays where your channel name normally displays.

Linking to your channel

If you want to link from your web page to YouTube, you can use these icons. The provided html code continues to read the icons from the YouTube site. Personally, I prefer to save the image on my site .. if for no other reason than to keep tracking crumbs off my site, but also so that a change on a site that I don't control won't do bad things to my site's visitors. The following is the code that YouTube provides - reformatted to make it more readable.

I have serious problems with this code. This is how I think the code should look.
Please view my channel on YouTube 32x32
Please view my channel on YouTube 48x48

Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// mc-computing.com / WebTools / Youtube.html