Various Technical Pages

Suggestions for Improving Windows - Tools and programs you should know about - Various free programs that should be a part of your system
Notes on the Windows Registry
  • Programs Run When Booting

  • Creating a Windows boot menu - How to create a Windows XP boot menu and add an option to enter Safe mode
    mscreate.dir - Is this zero byte file a Virus, Pest, or Feature
  • It appears that the zero byte file summary.dat is created by Netscape 4.01.

  • Windows XP - This covers a few "features" and "differences" that you should know about.
    WordProcessing - Current Word Processors are a joke. What we need is an html based Word Processor.
    Playing CD's
    Operating System Compatibility Issues
    TCP/IP and Proxies - Notes on configuring and troubleshooting TCP/IP. Also contains information on configuring a proxy server so that more than one computer on a network can access the internet via a single modem/phone line.
    Win 95 Tips - Just some additional notes using Windows 95/98/NT4
    MS DOS Notes - Each version of Windows 95/98/NT4 breaks some part of MS DOS
    MS DOS problems under NT 4 - Raw notes from several years a go. May be useful.
    email Clients - Some notes on email clients. How to set MS Outlook to send text only email.
    Some notes on the Digital Divide.
    Macintosh PowerBook - I spent a couple of days playing with an old Mac portable device. These are just a few observations of the Mac vs a PC.

    Author: Robert Clemenzi
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