Comparing Computer Languages

The purpose of this document is to compare various computer languages and the compilers, interpreters, and design interfaces used to write and debug code.

Basically, moving from one compiler/language to another is a real pain. Most books either expect you to be a beginner with no previous knowledge, or they assume a full working knowledge.

This page is for people who are comfortable with one language and want to learn another.

Language Elements

There are a number of basic programming elements found in most all programming languages. Some of those are compared here.

Compiler Functions

In Windows 95, Alt-Tab switches between applications.
In Visual Basic (and perhaps other multiwindow applications), Ctrl-Tab switches between windows within the application.

Basic Tasks

Basic Windows GUI Tasks

Basic DOS Console Tasks


Delphi Professional contains source code for all the included components (and for many of the built-in functions ???); MS Visual Basic Professional does not provide any source files. In fact, it is not clear what MS VB6 Pro provides that the standard edition is missing (other than MSComm32.ocx).

Visual Basic 6.0 comes with MSDN documentaion stored in compiled html files - *.chm which opens in HH.exe. (When running HH.exe, if you right click and select view source, you will see regular html source code including a lot of Object and JavaScript code.) One or more *.cli (compiled html index) files may be associated with each *.chm file. In order to use the help, MSDN CD #2 needs to be continuously available. When the searches are not limited to a single language, there is no way to know which language a specific example belongs to. For instance, VB and FoxPro look similar, as do C++ and Java. This is very confusing.

Loading VB 6.0 loads IE 4.7, there is no choice. Some VB 6.0 programs that you write require that you distribute IE 4.7, otherwise, your programs won't work.

Note: This page is currently being developed and there are numerous sections with no data. These are filled as I get to them. The size includes code examples, executables, and notes which are not displayed.

References / Additional Reading

Moving From VB to Delphi: A technical discussion
This is a good Borland white paper comparing and contrasting the 2 languages.

How to automatically clean tempory files.

syntax across languages
This resource contains many more languages, but no examples.

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