Science Tool Library - TmcUITemperature

A number of applications allow the user to edit the temperature. Rather than requiring the use of only one default scale, this component allows the user to use any of - Kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit - and automatically converts to the other 2. All 3 values are passed to the callback function.

This composite component contains 3 mcNumber fields and provides all the standard UI features associated with those components.

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Proper display requires loading 3 library files Normally, a container (div) with the default id is placed on the page and the rest is automatic. The default global variable name is the same - mcUITemperature. Note - this means that that variable now points to the component and not to the container. You can access the container via UIPanel.

Just set the callback property to make this fully functional.

To provide multiple instances, just give each container a unique id and pass that name to the constructor.




Author: Robert Clemenzi
URL: http:// / Science_Facts / Tool_Library / TmcUITemperature.html